Meet Our Team

Many of our team have worked together on different projects and in different companies over the last 30-plus years. We are experienced technology, medical, health care and biotech professionals, with long, successful histories in Silicon Valley and elsewhere.

Sam Eletr, PhD

Co-founder and Chairman of the Board. Dr. Eletr was a co-founder and first CEO of Applied Biosystems, Inc., whose DNA sequencers first enabled the sequencing of the human genome. He was also a co-founder of Lynx Therapeutics and a Board member of Solexa, developing enabling sequencing technology crucial to the success of Illumina. More recently he was involved in the seeding of Population Genetics Technologies and Domain Therapeutics, where he is currently chairman of the Board. He also co-started and led the financing of Andrew Alliance, a pipetting automation robot company where he is a Board member.

Bruce O'Neil, MD

Co-founder and Medical Advisor. An expert in the areas of internal medicine and cardiology, Dr. O'Neil ran his private practice from 1970 to 2006. During that time he also consulted to and practiced at Oakland Hospital in various capacities, including President of the medical staff, Chief of Internal medicine, Chief of Non-invasive Cardiology and Chief of CCU and ICU. He has also consulted for other hospitals in the Bay Area. He was a member of the California Board of Medical Examiners for 10 years and in 2007 joined Lifelong Medical Care as a consultant in internal medicine and cardiovascular disease.

Edward P. Gerstenfeld, MD

Medical Advisor. In his role as chief of the Cardiac Eletrophysiology and Arrhythmia Service at UCSF Medical Center, Dr. Gerstenfeld combines his background in both medicine and engineering to develop better treatments for heart rhythm problems. He has published more than 100 peer-reviewed manuscripts, review papers and book chapters on the treatment of cardiac arrhythmias. Dr. Gerstenfeld serves on the editorial boards of the "Journal of American College of Cardiology," "HeartRhythm" and the "Journal of Interventional Cardiac Electrophysiology." He is also a member of the Clinical Cardiac Eletrophysiology Board Writing Committee. Dr. Gerstenfeld is the most recent faculty member to hold the Melvin M. Scheinman Endowed Chair in Cardiology.

Paul Grossman, PhD

Board Member. Dr. Grossman is a Partner at Telegraph Hill Partners, a private equity firm. He is the former Head of Strategy and Corporate Development for Life Technologies where he was responsible for spearheading corporate strategy, licensing, business development and acquisition activities. He held the same position at Invitrogen Corporation prior to its merger with Applied Biosystems in 2008 to form Life Technologies. In his tenure at Life Technologies and its legacy companies, Dr. Grossman has spearheaded the acquisitions or divestments of more than 25 businesses and was responsible for strategy that grew and monetized the company's substantial intellectual property of over 4,000 patents and licenses. Prior to joining Invitrogen, Dr. Grossman held a variety of leadership roles during more than 20 years at Applied Biosystems, including research scientist, patent attorney, Vice President of Intellectual Property, and Vice President of Strategy and Business Development. Dr. Grossman holds BA and PhD degrees in Chemical Engineering from the University of California at Berkeley, an MS in Chemical Engineering from the University of Virginia and a JD from Santa Clara University Law School. He has authored numerous scientific publications and holds more than 20 patents.

George Golda

Co-Founder and Head of Development. Mr. Golda received his BSEE degree from San Jose State University 1981. He joined Applied Biosystems, Inc. in 1982 as the 32nd employee, serving as Senior Electrical Engineer, Engineering Manager, and Director of Engineering over a 30-year span. During that time, he was an inventor on over 10 biotechnology patents. Later he joined Lynx Therapeutics, a company spun out from Applied Biosystems in 1995, where he worked with founders Dr. Sam Eletr and Nobel laureate Sydney Brenner to help develop the world's first High-Throughput Next Generation DNA Sequencer.

Mark Marriott

Co-Founder and Head of Software Development. After completing his BSEE at the University of California at Davis in 1976, Mr. Marriott worked for the Hewlett Packard Corporation, where he designed hardware and software for Data Terminal peripherals. After two years at Hewlett Packard he joined Applied Biosystems, Inc., as a founding member. As their first electrical engineer, Mr. Marriott designed the hardware and software for the first generation of Protein Sequencers, DNA Synthesizers, Protein Synthesizers, and DNA Sequencers. After leaving Applied Biosystems in 1989, Mr. Marriott pursued other interests for a few years before returning to software consulting, designing and implementing Windows and Web-based applications for companies such as Wells Fargo Bank, Federal Express, AMB Properties, and others.

Steve Hurwitz

Senior Electrical Engineer. Mr. Hurwitz recently joined the RDS team to strengthen hardware development with focus on Bluetooth connectivity. Mr. Hurwitz has spent most of his career as a principal electronics contributor for many of the DNA analysis instruments from Applied Biosystems/Life Technologies and Lynx Therapeutics. He also was the lead electronics engineer for the Quantum TSQ line of quadrupole mass spectrometers from Thermo Finnigan. He received a BSEE and MEE from Rice University.

Jeff Marshall

CEO and Business Development. Mr. Marshall received his BSEE from Cornell University in 1980 and upon graduation joined Hewlett Packard as a manufacturing engineer. He moved on to Applied Biosystems as an electronics design engineer in 1981. While at Applied Biosystems he had various responsibilities including electronics design, software, manufacturing management, R&D project management, and Director of Engineering. In 1988 he left to study for an MBA at Stanford's Graduate School of Business. Upon graduation in 1990 he joined Sony Corporation, working at the Tokyo headquarters in international business development for Sony's first Electronic Book project. In 1992 he left Sony and returned to California to pursue personal, family, and consulting interests. Mr. Marshall recently joined RDS to work on business strategy development.

Robert C. "Bob" Gardner

Operations. Mr. Gardner joined the RDS team in May 2016. From August 2014 to May 2016, he was with Scanadu, a mobile medical technology company, where he was responsible for operations, new product readiness, and the Tricorder XPrize team. Products include vitals and urinalysis devices paired with smartphones. Before Scanadu, Mr. Gardner worked as an organizational performance consultant, focusing on development, intellectual property, and operational processes. Industries include wireless/mobile communications, image capture, touch screen display, water disinfection, and solid state lighting. From 1999-2002, he served as Vice President of Engineering and Manufacturing in several start-ups during the optical networking boom. Prior to 1999, Mr. Gardner spent 14 years in concept-to-high volume product development groups at the Hewlett-Packard Company Product Divisions/Laboratories, including early LED-based automotive lighting, microelectronics, and optoelectronic platforms. Mr. Gardner received a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Rice University, an S.M. in Management from the Sloan School at MIT. He is named co-inventor in 13 US utility patents, primarily in optics.

Kathy San Roman

Interim Chief Financial Officer. Ms. San Roman has over 25 years of human resources, operations and finance experience. She was the fifth employee to join Applied Biosystems in 1981 and moved into positions of increasing responsibility in general and administrative areas before leaving in 1988. In 1992 she joined Lynx Therapeutics as Vice President of Human Resources and Administration and played a key role in the integration of Lynx Therapeutics and Solexa in 2005, and Illumina and Solexa in 2008. She currently consults to life science and pharmaceutical companies in the area of human resources and operations.

Emmanuel Daugeras, MBA

Business Development, Europe. Consultant with venture capital and entrepreneurial experience, developing the European market.

Peter Scull

Patent Counsel, Hamilton, DeSanctis and Cha, LLP, Lakewood, CO. Mr. Scull's practice has been focused in the area of Intellectual Property law for more than 20 years. The majority of his practice is related to medical technologies, including medical devices, biotech and pharma. He also drafts and prosecutes patent applications in a variety of technical areas including mechanical, electronics and computer technologies.