Growth Strategies

Market Penetration


Light-weight and low-profile, MultiSense™ Strips are about the size of a large Band Aid.

The demand for multi-parametric, comprehensive, comfortable monitoring and integrated data analytics presents an opportunity for our family of MultiSense™ Strips to improve clinical outcomes, patient care and quality of life.

There are several market segments we plan to address with the flexibility and adaptability of our MultiSense™ Strips, delivering custom solutions with measurable health benefits to patients and consumers, and cost advantages to payers and providers.

In 2015 we will enter the at-home sleep apnea screening market. This opportunity has been validated through interviews with physicians and patients who see great benefits in moving away from costly in-lab sleep studies and enabling comfortable at-home testing. With dominance in this market our unique solution can pave the way for concerned consumers to address more directly and broadly the monitoring and assessment of sleep quality.

2015 will also see us entering the Remote Cardiac Monitoring market. Our MultiSense™ Strip is an elegant, cost effective solution that will outpace Holter-type monitoring alternatives. The innovative MultiSense™ resolves complications from lead wires, addresses patient non-compliance through its small, lightweight design, and provides the healthcare professional with not only diagnostic-quality ECG recordings, but also with additional contextual biometric data recorded over extended periods of time for improved diagnostic yield.

With our flexible and customizable MultiSense™ family of devices, we also envision entering the following markets:

  • Post-discharge monitoring
  • Chronic disease management
  • Drug clinical trials
  • In-hospital at-risk patient monitoring
  • High-performance athlete training
  • Emergency response teams/military
  • Personal health & wellness, including baby monitoring