Investor Highlights

MultiSense™ For Investors

As a development-stage San Francisco Bay Area technology company, we are creating a family of proprietary MultiSense™ Strips to provide comprehensive biometric monitoring solutions for a large number of markets with identified unmet needs.

MultiSense™ Strips integrate multi-sensor capability, data analytics, and PC- or cloud-based delivery of results and analyses with the goal of enabling comprehensive, diagnostic-quality health and wellness remote monitoring.


Light-weight and low-profile, MultiSense™ is about the size of a large Band Aid.

The ability to obtain multiple, reliable, accurate, diagnostic-quality biometric measurements from a single, small and unobtrusive device has long been a desire of both patients and clinicians. It is the goal of MultiSense™ Strips to provide that device.

MultiSense™ Strips are poised to become a dominant source of indispensable tools for providers, patients, and health-conscious consumers, potentially answering the need for efficient and cost-effective health management.