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Light-weight and low-profile, MultiSense™ Strips are about the size of a large Band Aid.

We are pioneering wearable biometric sensor devices through innovative electronic circuit design and proprietary signal processing algorithms.

The circuit design enables multi-sensor integration with extremely low power consumption on a very small, flexible circuit board. The design of our proprietary, multi-layer, composite adhesive enables significant noise reduction as well as extreme comfort and durability when attaching the MultiSenseā„¢ to the patient. The software and its embedded novel algorithms are designed to achieve superior data aggregation and integration for clinical utility.


Since its founding in 2012, RDS has filed four patent applications covering 19 inventions in the area of hardware, mechanical design, adhesives design, algorithms and software. New potentially patentable ideas are recorded and filed using a systematic process on a regular basis to continually strengthen the patent portfolio.

Our multilayer, composite adhesive strip design uses several adhesives and is patent-pending.