Solutions For Individuals

MultiSense™ For Personal Health & Wellness


Light-weight and low-profile, MultiSense™ Strips are about the size of a large Band Aid.

Our cutting-edge MultiSense™ wearable Strips and mobile data capture software give you the ability to track your health or that of a loved one. The low-profile sensor can be used to:

  • Baby Monitoring
  • Heart Monitoring & Health
  • Chronic Disorders
    Cardio Pulminary
  • Sports Training

Individual Remote Monitoring

MultiSense™ gives you the ability to veiw summarized data collected from the 9 sensor points, and:

  • Is comfortable and discreet under clothing, similar in size to a large adhesive bandage
  • Offers easy-to-use, wireless data transmission
  • Can be worn for days at a time without changing
  • Has rechargable batteries with long life
  • Gives individuals greater control over health, wellness & fitness