Solutions By Industry

MultiSense™ Solutions By Industry


Light-weight and low-profile, MultiSense™ Strips are about the size of a large Band Aid.

Our cutting-edge MultiSense™ family of strips was created to offer flexible, wireless monitoring of vital signs across multiple industries. These wearable, unobtrusive strips can be configured to detect any combination of 9 physiological parameters and record or transmit the data in real time. MultiSense™ Strips can be applied in:

  • Medical
    Hospitals, ICU, CCU
  • Outpatient Care
  • Elder Care
  • Pharmaceuticals
    Clinical Trials
  • Emergency Response
  • Military
  • Consumer Products

Strips tailored to monitor various aspects of cardiac, cardiopulmonary, and sleep disorders are currently in clinical and other trials.

Professional Remote Monitoring

MultiSense™ Strips offer clinical-quality monitoring technology that can be tailored to any need.

Our unique and patented MultiSense™ monitoring strips:

  • Improve compliance no matter how severe the environment
  • Measure any combination of 9 key biometric signals simultaneously
  • Give you access to critical information now via wireless data transmission
  • PC- and cloud-based software that records & transmits relevant data, then analyzes & reports the results
  • Cost significantly less than existing monitoring options
  • Can be worn for days at a time without changing
  • Brings biometric monitoring to where it is the most precious: The field