Solutions For Professionals

MultiSense™ For Professionals


Light-weight and low-profile, MultiSense™ Strips are about the size of a large Band Aid.

Its ease of use and real-time data transmission make MultiSense™ the ideal remote monitor for professionals in various lines of work, including:

  • Doctors
  • Nurses
  • Clinicians
  • First Responders
  • Coaches/Trainers
  • Researchers

Professional Remote Patient Monitoring

MultiSense™ is a family of cutting-edge, clinical-quality remote monitoring technology. The wearable strips can measure any combination of 9 key signals for professional biometric monitoring, making them flexible for various uses.

Strips tailored to monitor various aspects of cardiac, cardiopulmonary, and sleep disorders are currently in clinical and other trials.

Our unique and patented MultiSense™ Strips:

  • Can be customized to suit a variety of monitoring situations
  • Improves compliance no matter how severe the environment
  • Measures 9 key biometric signals quickly and accurately
  • Real-time data transmission
  • PC- and cloud-based software that records & transmits relevant data, then analyzes & reports the results
  • Costs significantly less than existing monitoring procedures
  • Can be worn for days at a time without changing
  • Improves patient outcomes
  • Helps athletes reach peak performance
  • Increases safety in emergency situations
  • Brings biometric monitoring to where it is the most precious: The field